A show on the geaux!

4 Professional Actors & Teaching Artists

45 minute kid-friendly interactive performances

Classroom workshops for all ages

All in YOUR community!

Step One: Choose your show!

The $600 booking fee covers your choice of title as well as two classroom workshops!

Our team will arrive with set, costumes, and props ready to assemble in your space. Your entire school can enjoy these musical twists on classic stories!

FALL 2019:

Snow White: The Fairest of Them All

A classic tale with a new twist! This interactive fairy tale follows the beautiful Snow White as she tries to escape the evil Queen and sees that kindness really does conquer all.

Santa Has the Flu!

Oh no! Santa is sick this year! The elves must come together as one to get presents to all of the children and end up finding the most important gift of all: Christmas Spirit! 

SPRING 2020:

The Three Little Pigs

You’ve heard of the three little pigs, but not like this! The story everyone knows is brand new in this imaginative and interactive retelling. Students will be laughing all the way home! 

A Kid Like You: A Dream Come True

As Mrs. Johnson’s class prepares for their history project, Jamie struggles to find a topic that really puts the world into perspective. Using the iconic sentiments of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, this story will leave audiences feeling unique and unified and ready to accomplish anything!

Step Two: Choose your workshops!

2 included (add extra workshops for just $50 each!) | Best for groups of 20-40

(all ages)

Actors need to practice observation, concentration, and most importantly IMAGINATION! Your students will practice all these skills in this workshop, and can be adapted for any age group.

Musical Theatre
(all ages)

Singing, dancing, AND acting!? Your students will explore it all by learning the foundations of musical theatre. By the end of this workshop, they’ll be able to perform their very own mini musical!

(all ages)

Sometimes in life you have to go off script and make it up on the spot! Your students will practice quick thinking and creative problem solving skills in this workshop designed for any grade.

Fairytale Storytelling

This workshop is designed to bring the magic of theatre to your youngest performers. By learning how to tell familiar stories with our faces and bodies, these students will discover just how creative they can be!

(High School)

Get your teens out of their seats and on their feet in this hands on workshop. Shakespeare doesn’t have to intimidate your students, and they might even have fun learning it!

Step Three: Set up your space!

Our team can perform in gyms, auditoriums, multipurpose rooms, and more! Please ensure a 20×15 ft space that is SEPARATE from where the audience will sit.

Step Four: Just add kids!

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We can’t wait to make theatre magic with you!

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