Devised Theater Summer Camps

Camp # 1: Investigating Villains

M T W R F June 10 – 14: 9:00am – 12:00pm

Ages 7-12 years old


Tyrrell Woolbert & AmberDawn Landrum

Students attending this week-long camp will devise their own performance, using familiar fairy tales and/or folklore as source material. Participants will first share what they know about various fairy tales, e.g. those popularized by Charles Perrault, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Walt Disney, etc. Then, using theatrical games and writing exercises, the group will experiment with telling the stories from the perspectives of the villains or “bad guys.” Students will ask and answer questions about the characters’ motivations and choices, and whether they could choose differently. Finally, they will weave these retellings together to create an original dramatic narrative.

Participants at this camp will gain foundational knowledge about the elements of storytelling, and they will practice deconstructing and reconstructing narratives. These activities will not only inspire their imaginations but also sharpen their critical thinking skills. The subject matter of the class inherently invites thoughtful consideration of multiple perspectives and should serve as a way to practice empathetic thinking. The collaborative nature of theatre also gives the students a chance to work together toward a common goal, strengthening social skills and sometimes even providing opportunities to practice diplomatic conflict resolution. Furthermore, the embodied nature of the games played during class will encourage flexibility, physical expression, and body confidence.​


Enrollment opens May 13th and closes May 17th or when we reach our threshold, whichever comes first, so be sure to register early so you don’t miss out!


Devised Theater Summer Camps

Camp #2: Mythmaking 101

M T W R F June  24th – 28th: 1:00pm-5:00pm

Ages 13 – 18 years old


Tyrrell Woolbert & AmberDawn Landrum

Students attending this week-long camp will compose and stage an original narrative modeled on ancient mythology. Using examples from across the globe, students will learn how myths have often served to answer profound questions about humanity and the universe. The group will come up with their own questions about these subjects, and  they will then create stories that answer them creatively and thoughtfully. The goal is to make these stories as intelligible as possible to an audience of all ages, so the students are challenged to construct cohesive, coherent narratives with identifiable beginnings, middles, and ends.

This challenge offers valuable experience in effective communication and creative cooperation. Students will hone both their verbal and nonverbal communication skills by contributing to the script and by finding spatial and physical ways to illustrate the stories. This camp also offers its participants valuable opportunities for thoughtful reflection and self-expression, as the questions and answers they dramatize will be generated within the group instead of assigned to them.​


Enrollment opens May 13th and closes May 17th or when we reach our threshold, whichever comes first, so be sure to register early so you don’t miss out!


Meet Your Camp Staff

Tyrrell Woolbert

Tyrrell Woolbert is a Shreveport native and alumnus of Caddo Magnet High School. She holds a Master’s degree and a PhD in Theatre from the University of Houston and The Ohio State University, respectively. Her research interests focus on the creative process of adaptation, especially of canonical drama such as Atheniani tragedies and Shakespeare’s plays. Tyrrell is part of Trebuchet Players, with whom she produced and directed The Tragical History of The Life and Death of Dr. Faustus last year in Houston. Locally, she has hosted a Shakespeare and Autism workshop at Minicine, and she directed Dancing at Lughnasa at Centenary College. Tyrrell is also heavily involved with dog rescue in Shreveport and its vicinity.

AmberDawn Landrum

Between finding any excuse to sing a song or do a skit or show off a new dance move as a child, performing was in Amber Dawn from the start. In addition to playing leads in her school’s productions she took this love and found a home doing shows in local theater like The Magicians Nephew at East Bank Theater and Camelot at the former Performing Arts Center before attending Bossier Parish Community College on a theater scholarship. There she played Antonia in The Man Of LaMancha and Sandy in Grease just to name a couple. During her time at BPCC studying under a knowledgeable and dedicated staff, she learned not only about the foundations of the art medium that gave her such joy, but she also how to direct other performers to find their place centerstage. 
Amber Dawn went on to venture into film and television with notable roles in major projects like True Blood, Salem, The Campain, and Olympus Has Fallenas well as numerous short films with amazing local talent. While on these sets she was able to grow in her abilities both in front of and behind the camera. She has found her place using these skills as the director of new talent for Landrum Arts LA Talent Agency where it has become one of her greatest pleasures to help cultivate budding talent and watch it grow. 
When she isn’t in her art studio Amber Dawn can be found creating with her three kids as they chase their dreams just like she did. She is so excited for the opportunity to use that same energy and dedication back in the world of theater helping guide a new generation of performers at Stage Center!