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Stage Center Organization of Parent Support (SCOOPS) is made up of the dedicated parents of Stage Center’s School of Performing Arts students. The parents play a vital role in the success of the students, providing essential support in preparing for classes and final productions. Scenery, costumes, props, event-planning, printing, fundraising boutiques...you name it, and SCOOPS does it.

Board of Directors

President - Kayla Cason

Vice President - Emily Schaumburg

Secretary - Minnie Malmay

Treasurer - Emilane Watson

Parliamentarian - Kari Turner

Members - Loretta Beagley, Aleece Crank, John Digilormo, Hope Ghali,

Graceanne Glassell, Kim Farris, Terrie Fisher, Leann Grisham, Grace Kevil, Kasie Mainiero, Minnie Malmay, Angela Mullins, Lora Teutsch, Laura Thompson, Pam Todd, Tina Tomasek, Jenny Toups, Yauna Williams