Stage Center takes submissions by headshot and resume on an ongoing basis. Please send up-to-date information with a cover letter by checking out the CONTACT page of our site.


Round 2 (Musicals): Carrie, Matilda, and Spelling Bee (Saturday, October 26, 2019 | 2PM)

WHO: Seeking a diverse group of actors, singers, and dancers, ages 16+ (high school to adult), for productions in our 2020 season.
WHAT: Visit the show pages above for the schedule, a complete character breakdown, and below for audition requirements.
WHERE: Stage Center Studios in SoBo, 5300 Barksdale Boulevard, STE D
DETAILS: For CARRIE, MATILDA, & SPELLING BEE – Actors 16+ (high school to adult) should prepare 16-32 bars (roughly 45 seconds) of a song in the style of one of the three shows which most closely aligns with your physical and vocal type. Please DO NOT SING FROM THE SHOWS. An accompanist will be provided. Dancers will be taught a short combination to perform in small groups. Dancers may be asked to sing. If you are auditioning for multiple productions, you need only prepare one song cutting, but please DO NOT prepare more than two cuttings for the sake of time. Headshot/Resume preferred but not required. Please note that both Carrie and Matilda need strong dancers/singers, while Spelling Bee needs only “movers” who sing well.

Round 3 (Kids): Matilda (Saturday, February 8, 2020 | 11AM) We are looking for about ten boys & girls (roughly between the ages of 8-12, though physical type will play a bigger role than age) to create our children’s ensemble (including named characters, such as the title role of Matilda.) The kids will enroll in our new Kid Musical Theater Intensive, a day camp where they will work on the show’s complicated music and choreography mostly with their peer group and our creative team between the hours of 2pm and 5pm for two weeks. After a dinner break, they will then join the adult/teen company at 6pm for formal rehearsals as needed. A full schedule will be issued upon casting and more details will be issued at a later date.

What are Season Generals?
Season Generals are an open casting call for productions in our upcoming season (2020).
Who can participate?
Actors and musicians ages 16+ (high school to adult) are welcome to audition (unless noted otherwise.) Our School of Performing Arts productions will audition separately. NOTE: Actors 18 and older who have worked with Stage Center in previous or current seasons may not need to audition again. Simply submit a headshot and resume with a cover letter expressing your desired involvement and you will be notified if you need to be seen specifically, or stop by during one of the audition blocks and fill out an audition form. Students under 18 are required to audition. Conversely, all actors are welcome to be seen for a particular production if you feel we have not seen adequate or comparable work for your desired production.
Where are they held?
All auditions will take place at the Stage Center Studios in South Bossier (SoBo), 5300 Barksdale Boulevard, STE D. (Right next to Pak’s Karate at the base of the water tower.)
When do they take place?
Saturday, October 26, 2019 for three musicals.
Additional auditions may be held at the sole discretion of the artistic staff.
Why should I audition or submit myself for Season Generals?
This is the first opportunity, and in some cases the only opportunity for actors to submit themselves for consideration for announced productions they are interested in being a part of. Additional audition dates are subject to the discretion of each production’s director and Stage Center artistic staff.
Can children under the age of 16 audition?
All children interested in our School of Performing Arts shows will be able to audition at separate dates/times, unless a specific notice is giving for a Mainstage production. Feel free to CONTACT US for clarification.


We are welcoming new members to our 2020 Performance Troupe, based on successful completion of a juried audition, talent, and experience.
WHO: Students currently in 6th Grade through students currently in 11th grade with adequate experience in any or all of the multi-disciplinary areas of musical theater (music, acting, dance) or relevant experience in productions. (Students 5th grade and younger should consider enrolling in our Triple Threat class.)
WHAT: This is an elite group of theater students who have been training hard and participating in productions for a number of years. Once admitted to the troupe, students take class in acting, singing, & dancing. Each fall, a new 15-minute production is chosen and rehearsed. The troupe then performs at the National Junior Theater Festival which takes place in Atlanta, GA over Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend in January, in addition to functions all over Shreveport/Bossier throughout the year.
Interested students must be available on Tuesdays from 4:15pm – 6:45pm, and need to perform a 1-minute monologue of their choice, and sing two contrasting songs memorized (preferably one ballad, and one uptempo, 16-32 bars [30-45 seconds] of each is sufficient), and submission of a professional headshot and resume.
**The next time students in this age bracket can audition to become an official troupe member will be in January 4, 2020. Questions about Troupe or Junior Theater Festival?  We will hold an information meeting on Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 1:15pm or you can email:
WHERE: Stage Center Studios in SoBo, 5300 Barksdale Blvd., Suite D
WHEN: January 4, 2020
DETAILS: Joining troupe is a big commitment. Troupers train every week for 12 weeks in the spring, and 12 weeks in the fall, where they prepare their new performance piece. The cost is $240 per semester, plus JTF costs which are determined at a later date. There is a $50.00 non-refundable deposit due to hold your spot for festival. In addition, Troupers receive 10% off of any other tuition-based activities they participate in at Stage Center’s SOPA, EXCEPT PRIVATE STUDY WHEN THE PAY FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR UPFRONT.

To Be Announced

Who: All students ages 8 to 18 are invited to enroll online, regardless of experience level. If enrollment is high, we will create two casts to give the most amount of students the opportunity to perform! Students will be guaranteed a minimum of two performances if the show is double cast.
How: Enroll HERE any time starting Monday, January 6 through Saturday, February 8, 2020 (where you could enroll in person, if preferred.) Once we receive your online enrollment, you will receive an invoice for tuition via email. Upon payment, your enrollment will be considered complete, and you will receive a second email confirmation.
Where: The final enrollment day of February 8, and all rehearsals will take place at Stage Center Studios in SoBo, 5300 Barksdale Blvd., STE D, until we move to Marjorie Lyons Playhouse to perform.
Cost: $207.00 tuition due no later than February 8, 2020. Payment options & scholarships may be available – Contact us for more information.
(There is a $75 costume fee, and each family is responsible for buying or selling one page in our program for $150.00.)

IMPORTANT NOTE ON OUR CORE VALUES: Before enrolling in our production class, please consider the following…
**You are agreeing to commit your child to the class’s production and schedule. At Stage Center’s SOPA we believe that a good process begets a good product. Every enrolled student will be required to audition as a part of this process. The audition is for the instructors to assess each student’s abilities and vocal/physical type so that they can be placed in the role that best serves the production and our educational goals. We do not cast based on seniority within the company, nor do we pre-cast any role on student productions. The cast list will be posted during the second week of class. All students interested in our production classes are taught to show up with open minds and hearts, eager to have a life-enriching experience. We are not interested in working with students and families who are only seeking leading or featured roles. We teach that theater is about an ensemble coming together to tell a story, and every person involved has a vital role for it’s success. We allow each student to submit two absences during contract provided they are approved prior to the first class, and do not fall within two weeks of performances. We ask that you check below for dates and times before enrolling, so that the rehearsal schedule can be thoughtfully made with no last-minute hiccups/absences. If you are unsure about some conflicts with our schedule, please feel free to ask us so we can help you decide if it’s realistically something you have time to make such a big commitment to. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED TO STUDENTS WHO WITHDRAW AFTER COMPLETING ENROLLMENT.

  • A detailed schedule/call sheet will be issued by March 5.
  • Two conflicts are allowed during contract, only if submitted prior to March 5.
  • NO CONFLICTS are allowed within two weeks of performances.

Open Enrollment – January 6 – February 8, 2020
*Mandatory Parent Orientation – March 5, 2020 at 5:30PM

REHEARSALS (Thursdays, 4:30-6:30, and Saturdays, 10:00-1:00)
WK1 March 5* (Cast & parent meetings) & March 7 (Audition day for enrolled students only)
WK2 March 12 & 14
WK3 March 19 & 21
(No rehearsal March 26 & 28 due to Caddo Spring Break)
WK4 April 2 & 4
WK5 April 9 & 11
WK6 April 16 & 18
WK7 April 23 & 25
WK8 April 30 & May 2

Sunday, May 3 (4:00-7:00 – TECH)
Mon, May 4 (4:00-7:00 – TECH)
Tue, May 5 (5:00 PM CALL – FIRST DRESS)

Thu, May 7 (5:00 CALL| 6:00 GO – Performance #1)
Fri, May 8 (5:00 CALL| 6:00 GO – Performance #2)
Sat, May 9, 2019 (1:00 CALL | 2:00 GO – Performance #3)
(5:00 CALL | 6:00 GO – PERFORMANCE #4)
Sun, May 10 (1:00 CALL | 2:00 GO – Performance #5 – followed by Strike/Load-out)